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The world has changed dramatically in the past 20-30 years and most kids, especially boys, have become more hooked on digital gifts and toys than ever before. Consider your cell phone, if you have young kids, aged 3 years and older, they are most likely able to operate the cell phone with ease. While keeping up with the latest trends in technology and gadgets is important, kids do need to spend time outside. Below we will discuss some of the many toy options for kids of all ages from educational, electronic and those which will ensure that both you and your boys sleep soundly!

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It is important that kids do not spend all their time indoors playing on computers, cell phones and video games. Their personal and physical development is important and therefore, toys such as swing ball, plastic manual push bikes, Lego and Science kits all assist with further development. Hand and eye coordination is learnt and strengthened at a very young age. Bicycles, swing ball and push bikes will tire them out leaving you with entertained boys by day and tired boys by night. This is a win-win situation whereby you do not have to deal with restless kids running about driving you mad. Science kits, Lego and puzzles are great ideas for rainy days, and while educational, they are still immensely fun!

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We cannot ignore the fact that we live in the 21st century and that technology is inevitably part of our lives and that boys will naturally gravitate towards these type of products as they are constantly surrounded by them – be it at home, school, or with friends. You do not want your kid(s) to be left out and therefore, balance is key. Ensuring that your boy maintains a balance between outdoor activities and enjoys the technological side of life is important. Some of the latest toys in the technological arena, such as drones will force your youngster to play outside, which is an added bonus.

PlayStation, Xbox, and other videogames are all-time favourites and have been around for 30+ years. There are countless games, ensuring your boy(s) are kept busy for hours on a rainy day. Let’s face it, the world is becoming more and more technologically advanced and if your child were to learn computer coding in a fun way from a very young age, this will help him in the future and grow his logical thinking abilities. Some wonderful ‘Coding for Kids’ games and kits have been created and these are sure to be a long-term investment. With these toys, your boy may be your best retirement investment yet!

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We cannot forget the toy cars, building blocks, teddy bears for very young boys, remote control cars, miniature construction equipment, chef, and DIY tools, mini-braais (BBQs), playing cards and action figurines. These toys have been with us since we can remember and today, they are still sought after. Every boy wants a figurine of their favourite superhero or superhero villain, or to play in the sand with construction equipment. If dad gets to braai (BBQ), so should your young man – buy him a miniature BBQ set!

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These are just some of our favourite gifts for young boys and we hope you will find it useful when deciding on your next purchase! Of course, your boys will probably be able to navigate their way quite easily on the No Bad Surprises App and website, because after all, this is their era! Here’s to happy gifting from all of us here at No Bad Surprises!

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