Say goodbye to unwanted gifts!

No more guessing games! With our app, you can view and create wish lists for any occasion. Find out what your loved ones really want and share your own wishes with them.


Struggling to get the perfect gift?

Have you ever struggled to figure out what gift to purchase for someone? Have you ever received a gift you did not really want? This does not have to be the case anymore – not with No Bad Surprises that is. Always know exactly what to purchase for others and allow others to always know exactly what to purchase for you.

The ultimate wish list app!

Easily create a list of items you wish people would buy for you and then share it with them, whether they use the app or not. The app also lets you know if someone is going to get you something (although you will not be told who specifically is getting it for you).

Simple and easy to use

We have designed the app to be as simple as possible, so you can just list what you want to get, and your family or friends can easily view and mark items as purchased – No advanced computer or phone skills needed. Your granny should be able to use No Bad Surprises, and you will want her to.

Advanced features

There are more advanced features such as adding a detailed description, items images, links and tagging of items. These are all optional features that stay out of your way if you do not want to use them.

Simple pricing structure (It’s free)

Yip, kostenlos, gratis, gratuit, tasuta, Jiyū, Zìyóu, free – Whichever way you want to say it. No strings attached. Download it to all your devices or use the online platform.
  • Create unlimited items
  • Share your item list with anyone (even those that do not have the app)
  • Find out when someone has purchased an item on your list (but not who)
  • Provide details about the items in your list (if you want)
  • Ensure you never get a bad surprise again

About Us

We are a team of passionate software professionals who believe in finding ways to simplify the complicated things. We hope you enjoy No Bad Surprises as much as we enjoy making it. We are always open to feedback on how we can improve it and love to hear from you, our users.

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