Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it is high time to get that special someone in your life the perfect gift even in these different and new times.

52% of American adults plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year despite current cultural disruptions. People still yearn to spoil their loved ones albeit in a new fashion this year. Given this new change, more and more people are choosing to celebrate this event with small and more intimate events in the comfort of their homes.

Online shopping this year for Valentine’s Day has reached a record high with more people finding it easier and safer to shop online coupled with the sophistication of e-commerce these days. The most popular gift ideas predicted for 2021 are: candy, flowers, jewelry, greeting cards, an evening out, clothing, and gift cards.

Are you unsure of what to get your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Why not place the ball right in your lover’s court! We here at No Bad Surprises show you some popular gift ideas to get for your loved and how best to go about it this year.

For Her

Shopping ‘for her’ can always be a kaleidoscope of sensations; from choosing just the right gift, to remembering what her favourite colour is, down to her ideal shape of earrings. Making her happy should not overwhelm you. Here are some gift ideas that will definitely tug at her heart strings:


Marilyn Monroe famously proclaimed in a song, over 60 years ago, that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That sentiment still holds true today, dear gentlemen. So why not spoil your lady with some jewels that she can don and show off wherever she goes?

However, if you are unsure of just what kind of jewelry to get – perhaps this is where she can help out in an oh-so subtle way… No Bad Surprises allows her to choose exactly what kind of jewels she would like to own, right from the brand, colour, and shape and then add it to her very own wishlist, allowing you as the suitor to aptly pick out exactly what she wants. Read more about how to use No Bad Surprises, here.


Nothing quite says ‘I love you’ like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Flowers are a timeless gift that any woman would appreciate.

Flowers are readily available at most places, especially in the build-up to Valentine’s Day… Especially this year making it more difficult to be with one another, it is possible for you to send her favourite flowers wherever she is; at work or across the country. But be sure to get your online orders in early!


Another all-time classic for a lady is eau de parfum, or put plainly, perfume. Nothing makes a lady feel more powerful and fierce than when she is smelling good. Smells and scents have the ability to transcend us to different times and places, conjuring up different memories of different people. Make your moment one to remember.

Perhaps you know her favourite brand of perfume but not which fragrance exactly? For example, you might know that she loves Dolce and Gabbana perfume, but there are over 10 different fragrances in their line!

Ask her to point you in the right direction through No Bad Surprises.

For Him

Getting a gift for a man can always be stressful as men are known to be ambivalent especially  when it comes to special occassions and trying to find them a good gift. However, this task shouldn’t be so stressful, and here are some ideas on where to start:


A really nifty gift idea is in the form of a voucher. Instead of buying a physical item, you could buy an experience – which could be in the form of a dinner out, a weekend away, or just a voucher at his favourite store.

If you are still unsure of exactly what to get, you could ask him to point you in the right direction. Through the No Bad Surprises app, he can curate exactly what he would like to do; so if there is a specific mountain-biking trip he would love to go on, he can add it to his list and you can decide if it fits you too! Read more about how to use No Bad Surprises, here.

Sexy Socks

The standard, go-to gift for men the world over has always been the safe socks route. Socks are a model gift as they are a practical and solid choice. However, these days socks are the next big thing, with patterns and prints that would bowl over any guy – so there is no need to ever get boring socks again!         


Topping the charts where women buy men gifts, candy sits at the number one spot. Guess the old adage of the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach still rings true! But in all seriousness – not only candy – food is a great gift for a man.

The choices and possibilities are endless when it comes to food! Also by now, most storefronts and online stores are riddled with valentine-themed chocolates and sweets – enough to get anyone in the mood for this auspicious occasion.

No Bad Surprises - Your Personalized Gift Guide

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Every gift should be a surprise. So why not make it a good one. Visit us at No Bad Surprises.

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