Black Friday

Can you believe it? It’s that time of year again. Just when you thought you needed to take the Christmas tree out, you now need to prepare what is believed to be the second biggest retail event of the year (The first is Christmas). Some studies have shown that Black Friday has surpassed the Christmas rush! You do not want to be left out of this one and you may just find some of the gifts you need to buy for Christmas, birthdays or Hannukah at seriously low Black Friday prices.

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Let us help you prepare for Black Friday. We can help reduce the anxiety of missing that once in a lifetime deal, by ensuring you get what you want and that you are first in line. Knowledge is power and if you know exactly what you need to buy beforehand, you can go online or into the store with confidence!
It is important that the items you buy on Black Friday are well known to you. As the great Scouts leader, Robert Baden-Powell put it, ‘Be Prepared’. These purchases should be items that you have been eyeing for quite some time. You should know the cost ahead of the item before Black Friday. Many retailers push promotions, where a true promotion does not actually exist. The emotional tug that plays on our minds is that if it ‘was’ $20 and is now $10 on a Black Friday special, is significant. Nobody wants to miss a good deal, especially a 50-75% discount. Ask yourself, is it really discounted? Often retailers will show an older price which is much more than the price you could have bought it for outside of the Black Friday craze. Knowledge is power and if you have those items on your No Bad Surprises Wishlist, you will be sure to have track of its pricing.Image by Gerd Altmann

The Black Friday craze can cause a lot of anxiety. This is driven by the fear of missing out or FOMO as the millennials will say. Missing Black Friday is fine, if there is nothing you need to buy on the day, then quite simply, don’t! You will only find yourself out of pocket and in possession of something that does not add value to your life. As great as Black Friday is, it can be a lot like gambling. People will tell you they got this massive bargain, but did they really? You really need to ask yourself if you have the money for it and if you really need that 85-inch TV which will likely be 40% cheaper in a year’s time anyway. If you have not done so yet, put items to buy on Black Friday on your radar NOW – No Bad Surprises is the best platform for this as it allows you to keep track of the current price which will help you figure out whether the Black Friday price is really a discount. It will also help you save a lot of money if items you need to buy for friends and family are discounted on Black Friday. If you snap them quickly, you will be in for a great saving. You can use the extra money or savings to spoil yourself! Lastly, we want you to have fun on Black Friday, if something is too good to be true, it most likely is. Beware of scammers who will prey on the anxiety created on the day. We wish you a happy shopping experience and that our App makes your day so much more pleasurable! Here’s to happy savings and wonderful gifting from all of us at No Bad Surprises!

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