5 of the worst gifts to give somebody

There is nothing more embarrassing for yourself than to see someone disappointed with a gift that they received, let along the despair that it brings to the receiver. The notion that it’s better to give than to receive is well understood, but only for the right reasons. It is a double-edged sword; an unhappy gift recipient almost always results in an unhappy gift-giver. This never has to be the case if you, your friends, and family continue to use No Bad Surprises, but just in case you need some advice, here are five of the worst gifts to give someone.


A wise person once told me never to buy him socks, because if I did, it was an indication that he would be walking out of my life. Some people are superstitious, but that was enough for me to know never to consider buying someone socks for someone and to this day, I have never bought anyone socks. Receiving socks is also quite boring. This is usually a grudge purchase and if you are going to invest in some good socks, only you truly know what works for you. Sometimes the sexiest looking socks are uncomfortable and although, beauty is pain when it comes to fashion, socks are hardly noticeable, unless you’re a millennial! So go on, buy yourself those sexy and stylish socks, but please don’t buy them for someone else as a surprise. Let them decide on the style, thickness, length, colour etc.

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‘Funny’ or personalised mugs

Those so-called funny mugs that you can buy from your local supermarket, they’re not that funny and often they are better off used as a weapon or dropping on the floor. The shape is normally excessive, which would mean weak tea or coffee or just too much coffee and by the time you get to the bottom of the mug, the contents are cold. It’s also embarrassing to take that mug to work. Imagine what your co-workers will think. Mugs are usually sold in sets of 4 or 6 for a reason. If someone wants a set of mugs on their No Bad Surprises wish list or wedding gift registry, get THAT set. Don’t think you are being smart by getting something you think is ‘funny’. Personalised mugs with photos are also just cringe. The image you put on the mug is probably a good photo of you and not of that special person receiving it and have you seen what the result looks like? Normally people are warped because they are stretched around the outer surface of the mug, please don’t do it! You are probably better off giving the person the money for the mug.

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Clothing that is on sale

Never buy anyone something that is on sale because you are wanting to go cheap on the gift. If the gift is what they want and you know this because you are using No Bad Surprises, then, by all means, wait for Black Friday before making that purchase! It happened once that I received a clothing item as a gift and unfortunately it was a size too small. I went to exchange it, only to find out it was one of the last sizes available and that I could receive a voucher for the item at one fifth of the cost. This was disappointing for me and when the gift-giver found out, she was embarrassed beyond belief. Not expecting it to be too small and therefore not expecting me to go exchange it (it was also not my style). As boring as a gift voucher may be, sometimes if you cannot afford to purchase something better, rather gift a voucher towards that something special, it will have much more meaning and sincerity if it is given with a kind note! Just remember, not only are sale items dangerous gifts, but any type of clothing item can also result in the worst gift ever.

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Picture Frames

Picture frames are fine up to the point that you leave high school. Many people start building their own styles and creative spaces when they leave school or university. We are all unique and want to decorate and create living and working spaces that reflect who we are and what we like. Picture frames with or without pictures are not a luxury item and can be easily purchased by anyone. There is no guarantee that the picture frame will coincide with the style of the recipient. Let alone whether the image you have chosen for the picture frame is coherent with the recipient’s style. The poor recipient will now have to ensure that every time you visit, the picture frame is put up to appease you. What could ultimately happen is that the picture frame mysteriously falls off the wall overnight and must be thrown out. What a waste of money, time, and unnecessary heart ache for both the giver and the recipient. Hopefully you only bought the frame with no image placed inside so that the recipient can return the picture frame for cash, a voucher, or another style of THEIR choice.

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Perfume / fragrances

We all have unique taste, and we want to express this unique side of us. As such, we should never buy someone a fragrance that is not their ideal or frequently used type. If you know someone well enough to know which brand and type of fragrance they use then by all means, this is a gift that will likely be appreciated. Unaltered/non-fake fragrances are not cheap, so buying the wrong one or simply one that is not preferred by the recipient will mean a lot of money wasted and result in unnecessary disappointment. Buying a cheaper fragrance for someone is also a no-go zone. These fragrances are often overly sweet smelling and are just tacky. Not only do they smell tacky or generic, they also do not last or have the same effect that the trusted brands have. Fragrance is expensive for a reason and therefore, please make sure you only purchase the fragrance if your loved one has it on their No Bad Surprises wish list! This way, you will save money and not create disappointment.

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These are just some scenarios of how bad gifting can waste money and create unnecessary disappointment. It is why No Bad Surprises was created, to help you and those around you remove any disappointment when gifting. We all love to give and receive gifts, so let’s make sure that when this happens, everyone is equally happy! Here’s to great gifts and happy gifting with No Bad Surprises!

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